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Picking a photographer is not for the faint of heart!
wedding photographers are literally with you the whole damn day. We ANSWERED SOME QUESTIONS TO HELP YOU OUT! 

What is your Style & approach?

Our style is relaxed & real. Our goal is to capture the unfiltered JOY of your love! We aim to be as unobtrusive as possible; we’ll offer posing guidance and direction but mostly we want to capture you as you truly are together, whatever that is! Silly, happy, comfortable, IN LOVE! We take a more photojournalistic approach to the overall day of a wedding with a touch of creative portraiture. The same goes for engagement shoots, family photos & other portraits. 

Do you always shoot together?

We always shoot weddings together!! The bonus of booking us for your wedding is that you’ll be getting TWO LEAD photographers the whole day!! We're great at communicating, working together, and collaborating so you know we're gonna have your back! Not only can we be two places at once, but you'll get two different perspectives when we are photographing the same thing, like the ceremony or getting ready. To keep scheduling a little easier for everyone we sometimes photograph couple sessions, family shoots, and other portraiture solo. 

Are you available for destination weddings?

HECK YES!! We love traveling and one of our long-term goals is to travel the world capturing love stories. In the summer of 2021 we’ll be traveling to Sacramento and Baltimore for weddings, and can’t wait to add even more spots in 2022! An intimate ceremony on a farm in Scotland? A Costa Rican elopement? A fun Las Vegas wedding weekend? We’re up for all of them!

What are your travel fees?

It really depends on where your wedding/shoot is! Get in touch & we'll give you more details. 

What is your turnaround time?

It varies depending on the scale of shoot and time of year! For weddings you will get a sneak peek within 2 weeks of your wedding and your full wedding gallery will be delivered between 8-10 weeks. Smaller shoots have a quicker turnaround time (since there are usually way less photos!) and take about 2 weeks. 

How will we receive our photos?

All of your photos will be sent to you in an online gallery. You’ll have full access to them and will be able to share the gallery with friends & family. You’ll also be able to download your photos in web size and hi-res and you have the option of getting them printed through the gallery or wherever you choose! 

How many images will we receive? 

Ummm a lot usually! It's really hard to say and completely depends on how long we are with you and how much is going on! Generally you can expect at least 50 images for portrait sessions like engagement shoots, family shoots, or solo portraits (25 if it's a mini session). For elopements you can expect around 200. With weddings our general rule of thumb is about 100 images/hour but that is really dependent on how much is happening throughout the day. We will most likely take THOUSANDS of images but we will only give you the best of the best (curating your images is definitely one of the reasons you hire us), so most couples end up with about 600-1000 wedding images. 

Will you send us the RAW image files?

Nope, sorry! When you hire us, you’re not only hiring us to document your day but also to creatively tell that story by curating your images as well as editing those images for light and color. We take great pride in our work and will deliver an awesome gallery that reflects your incredible day. Just like your baker won't give you a half finished cake and your florist won't just drop off buckets of loose flowers, our RAW images are a work in progress, and we just wouldn't be doing our jobs if we handed them over to you, unprocessed and incomplete. 

Do you offer albums?

We do! We’re happy to help you design an heirloom album after we send your gallery to you. We've noticed it's kinda overwhelming (& not that budget friendly) to have people order albums as soon as they book us, so we'd rather give you the chance to think about it after all the celebratory dust has settled and you need something to fill the void of wedding planning. We are big fans of getting photos printed so you also have full printing rights to all of your photos, so feel free to order prints or albums from us or anywhere! 

Will You DO group photos at our wedding?

Of course!!! They don't always make it to Insta or our website but we know how important family/group photos are and we definitely carve time out at every wedding to photograph them! With two of us we have a tried & true system so we can bust them out quickly and get everyone back to the party lickity split!

We Love a good party!

Are you insured?

You better believe it!! Angela is a self described klutz (more to her own demise than anyone else's!) and Courtney's biggest fear is that she will walk backward into a body of water with all our gear, so yeah, we definitely have insurance! 

How do We BOOk yOU???

First we gotta meet you! Either a chat on the phone, Zoom or (hopefully someday soon) in person! We gotta make sure we're a good fit, and chances are if you've gotten this far, we are! Then you sign our contract & send us a 50% retainer for whatever kind of shoot you want to do! 

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Brightly & Free Photography is Courtney Church and Angela Limanni. Two friends who dig taking photos of humans in love, being perfectly imperfect. Get in touch & let's make something awesome!